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About Our Church

We are a small body of believers, from Chambersburg and the surrounding areas, that love the Lord and His word. We are just people who are having the normal struggles of life and realize that only by the blood of Jesus Christ, the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, and the power of God will we be able to stand before Him and hear those amazing words "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." We welcome you to join us in the joys and struggles of being a disciple of Christ.


What to Expect in our Services

We welcome any one and everyone to attend our services. One may feel a little out of place, but we do want you to know what to expect. Our services are very orderly and reverent. To help produce this atmosphere, we encourage segregated seating with the sisters on one side and the brethren on the other. This is not a hard-set rule and does vary at times, but you can expect to see us sitting this way. In collective prayer, we normally kneel or stand. We do not have a choir for our music, nor instruments. Our singing is collective four-part harmony and lead by a director in the front of the congregation. Our pastors are not seminary trained, but spend much time studying and preparing teachings direct from the Word of God. We are not apologetic for being different, because as Christians we will be different. It is our goal to practice the New Testament teachings at their word and live them in practical living.